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Our values

Our future goal


A world where government, politics, business, civil society organizations and the daily lives of people are all free from corruption.

Our values 

  • Transparency

  • Responsibility

  • Honesty

  • Unity

  • Courage 

  • Justice

  • Democracy 

Our guiding principles 

We are a civil society organization committed to the following principles. It includes:

  1. As a coalition partner, we will work with all individuals and groups, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, as well as governments and international organizations committed to fighting corruption, only in accordance with the policies and priorities established by the board. 

  2. We are open, honest and responsible in our relationships with everyone we work with and with each other. 

  3. We are democratic in our work, politically committed, and independent of any group.

  4. Although we do not intend to detect the corruption of individuals ourselves, we will strongly and boldly condemn bribery and corruption wherever it is firmly established. 

  5. Our position will be based on sound, objective, professional analysis and high standards of research.

  6. We will only accept funding that does not negate our ability to approach issues freely, rigorously, and objectively.

  7. We will provide our stakeholders with accurate and timely information about our activities.

  8. We will respect and support basic human rights and freedoms.

  9. We are responsible for establishing,  working with, and operating through national chapters around the world.

  10. We strive to have balanced and diverse representation on our board.

  11. 2001, October Approved by the Annual Meeting of Members of Prague, Updated at TI's Annual Members' Meeting in Bali, updated in 2007, October 28

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