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Cooperate anti-corruption benchmark

Transparency International Mongolian NUTBB /TI-Mongolia/ has established a Business Ethics Center in 2020 in collaboration with the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Rio Tinto Mongolia LLC within the framework of its goal of supporting Mongolia's political business environment and strengthening business ethics. In April 2023, TI-Mongolia CACB (Corporate Anti-Corruption Benchmarking) will be introduced among the top 100 members of the National Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan through the Center for Business Ethics.

Our programs 


Mining for Sustainable Development

Our M4SD program works to improve transparency and accountability in the extractive industry and reduce the risk of corruption in the sector.

Business Partners at Work

Business Ethics Program

The business ethics program aims to prevent businessmen from corruption by improving business ethics, corporate governance and fairness.

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Youth Ethics Program

The Justice for Children and Youth program aims to provide young people with an understanding of corruption, its harmful effects, and its impact on society, as well as supporting the role of young people in the fight against corruption and supporting their voices.


A regional initiative to strengthen anti-corruption institutions

The goal of the initiative is to reduce the level of corruption in the Asia Pacific region by supporting Anti-Corruption Agencies to improve their effectiveness and performance through partnership building, dialogue, and evidence-based advocacy via the inclusion of a range of relevant stakeholders.

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