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Mongolia should implement a long-term and stable policy to fight corruption

On October 12, 2022, representatives of Transparency International's secretariat in Berlin held an official meeting with Prime Minister of Mongolia L. Oyun-Erdene and representatives of other offices.

At the meeting, the executive director of the central organization in Berlin, Mr. Daniel Ericksson, praised the work of the Government of MU to reduce the corruption perception index, and emphasized the need to implement a long-term and sustainable policy to combat corruption. It is also mentioned here that the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) is a composite index composed of 8-13 sources. Mongolia ranked 110th out of 180 countries with 35 points out of 100 in 2021, and the corruption perception index of our country has decreased since 2015.

Andrea Rocca, Head of Security at the Secretariat, warned that it is necessary to strengthen the space of civil society organizations and actively ensure their participation in government control and anti-corruption policy development activities. In this context, I called for reconsideration of the draft law on the legal status of the Federation and Fund, and to carefully consider the opinions of civil society and non-governmental organizations in the discussion. He expressed his hope that the recommendations made by Transparency International in Mongolia will be taken into account.

In addition, Transparency International suggested that the implementation of the Law on the Legal Status of Human Rights Defenders approved in 2021 should be coordinated with the Law on the Legal Status of Whistle Blowers, which is being discussed, and that non-governmental organizations should participate in the assessment of the implementation of the Law on the Legal Status of Human Rights Defenders.

The representatives emphasized that fighting corruption is a matter of protecting human rights, and Mongolia's adoption of a special law on the legal status of human rights defenders is a first in Asia. It was also mentioned that Mongolia can become an international model country by strengthening the protection of human rights.

At the meeting, the representatives of the office pointed out that the Law on Transparency of Mineral Resources should be discussed and approved urgently by the Parliament and suggested measures to improve the governance and transparency of state-owned companies. He commended the government for taking intensive steps to support electronic development to increase the efficiency of government organizations and urged them to work to ensure equal opportunities for citizens.

Transparency International expressed its gratitude for the participation of the representatives of the branch organization in Mongolia in the working group of the relevant draft law. It was also emphasized that it is necessary to carry out influence work to improve the control of corruption.

At the meeting, the Mongolian government and Transparency International organizations agreed to cooperate in the future by exchanging experience in the fight against corruption.

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