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Business Ethics Program

Transparency International Mongolia launched a Business Ethics Program in 2015 and plans to implement the following long-term goals.

It includes: 

· To prevent businessmen from the risk of corruption and bribery by improving business ethics, corporate governance, and justice; 

· Create a good experience among entrepreneurs; 

· To create and foster a healthy business environment and fair competition by including the private sector, the government, and civil society. 

BICA, a new research methodology developed by Transparency International, provides a holistic view of the country's business environment and ethical situation. The BICA project has a long-term goal of researching the current situation of Mongolia's business environment and operations, creating business integrity and reforms within the framework of recommendations based on research results, and creating a common understanding among key stakeholders, supporting unity, and starting cooperation. . This multi-stakeholder study will identify the risks of corruption in business and will be the basis for the development and implementation of business activities aimed at preventing those risks, and this will be the final goal of our project. In Mongolia, the first or research phase of BICA started in September 2017, and the final report is planned to be announced and delivered to the public in June 2018. 

For more information about this program, please contact the program manager. Contact Urantsetseg at

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