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"Mining for sustainable development" program



Transparency International Mongolia is one of the 20 branch organizations implementing the international program "Mining for Sustainable Development" of Transparency International. "Transparency International" and "Transparency International Australia" (the Australian branch of TIOUB) are working as the coordinator of the program.


The THTUU program focuses on the first stage of the decision-making process in the mining industry, where governments negotiate and negotiate the conditions for granting mineral licenses and other permits, and signing agreements, and current efforts to increase transparency and accountability in the mining industry. will make it more powerful.

The first phase of the program (2016-2017) identified the problems encountered in the process of issuing mining permits and special licenses for minerals, signing contracts, and identifying the risks of corruption, their nature and causes. ) developed and implemented preventive measures and solutions to eliminate and prevent those risks. By cooperating with the main stakeholders, namely governments, the mining industry, civil society, and communities affected by mining, we will ensure transparency and accountability in the licensing stage for mining projects and improve the conditions for freedom from corruption.

For more information about this program, contact Deputy Director E. Munkhjargal contact via email.

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