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Youth Ethics Program

The Youth Ethics Program is part of the Asia Pacific Youth Movement.


Within the framework of this program, many interesting activities aimed at young people on social networks were organized to expand the understanding and knowledge of young people about corruption, increase their participation. 


The first activity was a 2-month training course. The main goal of the program is to actively participate in a series of activities organized by the International Anti-Corruption Day.

Within the framework of the program, a combination of lectures and seminars was successfully organized for university students and high school students of Ulaanbaatar. A total of 260 students from 6 schools were given an understanding of corruption. The next activity was the youth essay writing competition, hand drawing and photography competition. Young people actively participated in competitions and contests dedicated to the International Anti-Corruption Day through social networks. For more information about this program, contact B. Anudari, an employee of the contact via e-mail.

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